Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nothing but moon light

I can't help but say I feel so fortunate and very grateful for the time I have been spending in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have been captivated by its shear beauty and the hospitality of its down to earth people. On this day some friends and I had decided it was just right for a late night adventure. The night got started out on a interesting foot. With some very surreal images that had me very puzzled and equally intrigued. I noticed the full moon rising over a hill top and knew it would be a perfect moment to capture. I set my tripod up and pointed to the sky. Using a newly acquired film lens I start to notice some strange detail in the sky on all the images.  It looked as if the sun and the moon were rise together or maybe two different size moons. Either way it was surreal. I can only assume it has something to do with my lens and the way the light was shinning through the glass. Shifting the cameras position gave another interesting effect of rays shooting from the moon. Definitely a fun start to the night. After that we made our way deep into Grand Teton National Park to see the moon light shining ever so bright on the mountain tops. Yet another perfect moment in time with great friends by my side.

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